the levine family announces success in seating the new ptc board.

PTC Shareholders are encouraged to download and carefully review the file below, which is the comprehensive settlement agreement between the Levine Family and the prior PTC board of directors controlled by Messrs. Samuel N. Seidman and Arthur Stupay. The agreement includes their immediate resignations from all PTC and Atlas related duties and roles.

Please see documents above per Court Order of August 9, 2018

On 12.14.17, we obtained a majority of written consents...

...these consents were obtained to seat the new ptc board

written consent and proxy form for shareholders

PTC Written Consent and Proxy Form (December 11, 2017) (pdf)


letter to shareholders regarding majority written consents

December 14, 2017 Letter to Shareholders Regarding Majority Written Consent to Seat Four New PTC Directors (pdf)


important for shareholders

We recently learned some of you may have been contacted by legal counsel for PTC/Atlas and offered “commentary” regarding the status of the Levine Family litigation with PTC and Atlas. As openly detailed in my first letter, I am a dissident director of PTC and the Levine Family is involved in litigation with PTC and Atlas. Allegations and claims have been made by both sides. As shareholders of PTC, this litigation directly concerns you. We recently posted the current pleadings by the parties in this litigation under a new tab “Legal Filings”. Feel free to read the various claims for yourselves. We may post other pertinent public dispute related documents as well. And we will keep shareholders updated about the PTC Shareholder meeting we plan.

In the meantime, we encourage you as PTC Shareholders to ask the following questions: (1) Who will be most effective to bring to and implement at PTC creative, growth-oriented and profitable product ideas? (2) And who will be most effective in providing hands on, vigorous, and effective leadership for PTC's best future? These questions are vital to PTC share value, no matter how attorneys for the other side (mis-) characterize issues in this dispute.

New business Atlas could bid on and seek to obtain

Automated Parking Systems

In 2009-2011, the Levine Family originated for Atlas the opportunity to provide an automated parking system to a $5 billion asset value NYSE listed REIT.  The resulting order for a 228 parking space garage provided Atlas with considerable revenues and profits.  The automated parking market in the United States since then has grown considerably.  Automated parking providers include:,, and  Atlas could bid on new work in this market.

Specialized Pallets for Logistics

The Levine Family previously introduced a pallet supplier in need of new manufacturing sources.  The pallets increase the efficiency of shipping liquid consumer products by truck and rail.  This pallet provider recently provided updated pallet drawings and production requirements.  A picture of one of the three main pallets is above.

Prefabricated & Containerized Housing

For detailed reasons we can discuss with PTC Shareholders, we believe the market for prefabricated multi-family housing in the United States is growing.  Some prefabricated projects include previously used trans-oceanic and trans-national shipping containers. If it wanted to, Atlas could bid on numerous projects 

Higher Margin Products

We seek for PTC to invest in designing high-margin products which can be predictably and consistently sold.  Some but not all of our ideas are presented here.  Please call us for more details.

Maximizing and Optimizing

 We seek one or a number of ways to extract value for PTC shareholders within a short period of time.  As a small start, the PTC Board should begin to declare and pay quarterly dividends.   We are still waiting to hear from the controlling directors whether PTC will declare and pay a dividend for the quarter ended September 30, 2017.

Videos on Automated Parking

There are many  videos on automated parking which are available on the Internet.  This video shows the parking system designed by the Valli Family of Sotefin SA (based in Lugano, Switzerland) which the Levine Family originated for Atlas to help build and install in Philadelphia in 2009-2010. 

Automated Parking in Chicago 1932

We have been showing this video, originally published by British Pathe, for many years.  Automated parking is not new.  Some of the first sites were in America, and one of the earliest U.S. sites was in Chicago.

Automated Parking in Washington DC 1951

This is another video of an older automated parking system installation, in this case in Washington DC during the 1950s.  We believe automated parking is an established and growing market and one which PTC should pursue seriously. 

we have appreciated hearing from ptc shareholders

PTC shareholders can contact us via the link or phone number below.

We look forward to hearing from other PTC Shareholders like us.

We have embarked on a process intensively focused on seeking to increase the value of your and our PTC shares.  Our efforts to change the direction of PTC may or may not  involve the directors currently in control of the PTC board.  Please contact us if you wish to join our efforts.

Jesse Levine, an Individual PTC Shareholder

Note: The above may include predictions or other information that might be considered forward-looking. While these statements represent our current judgments on what the future may hold, these are subject to risks and uncertainties and actual future results could differ materially. You are cautioned to not unduly rely on forward-looking statements, which reflect our opinions only as of today's date. While we will make reasonable efforts to do so, please keep in mind we are not obligating ourselves to revise or publicly release revisions to these forward-looking statements due to new information or future events