Self Driving Cars and Automated Garages

The Levine Family spends time thinking about parking. This includes self driving vehicles and their relationship to automated garages. We believe that the increasing proliferation of self-driving vehicles will increase demand for automated parking garages. We think these will be developed and located in concentric rings at periodic radial distances from city centers and densely populated areas such as college campuses, medical centers, and heavily trafficked entertainment destinations.

We believe these trends will contribute to significant growth in the next ten to 15 years of automated parking garages. In turn, the automated garages will also include automated charging stations for electric vehicles.

How will providers of automated parking combined with charging stations determine where and when to build automated garages? One approach will be similar to how parking developers, operators and analysts currently examine parking spot optimization. We provide three technical papers below as examples of parking utilization analyses. Further below, we provide links to a small number of current articles about how self-driving cars will affect future parking infrastructure. While these articles are not monolithic in their views, they do provide a current context.

We believe atlas technologies could obtain orders from this market with proper focus and management

recent Articles on Self Driving Cars & Automated Parking

Self Driving Vehicles and Automated Parking (pdf)